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Surf Instructor Big Wave Dave Carvalho prepares for another day of surfing classes in Waikiki beach.

About Waikiki Surf Instructor Big Wave Dave

Dave Carvalho's Mission Statement for Surf Instruction and Life on Hawaii

I strive to spread Aloha spirit and share the beauties that can only be experienced in Hawaii. Most importantly, educating others about the ocean and Hawaiian culture, with safety and integrity always on mind. Always providing all required gear and knowledge before sending someone into the water.

About Surf Instructor Dave Carvalho

David Carvalho is a native to the Hawaiian Islands. He was born and raised on Oahu with a brief period on the big island of Hawaii. He has always been a water boy making his way to the beach on his own as soon as he could get there on his bike. He began surfing in 1976, at the age of 12, and began competing in 1988, at the age of 24. He is actually known by many around Hawaii as “Big Wave Dave”, a nickname that was given to him while he was still in his youth.

His passion for surfing was the stepping-stone for his life today.  He began working on the beach in 1983, and instructing surf lessons in 1988 at Waikiki Beach. He earned the title of a Waikiki Beach Boy in 1990, after receiving all of his licensing and certifications. This was the beginning of enlightening others about the ocean and the Hawaiian heritage that was the beginning of Surfing era, as we know it today. His title of Beach Boy is one that comes from the Hawaiian traditions that Duke Kahanamoku began in the early 1900’s where tourists, amazed by the feats of the watermen, wanted to walk on water.

Throughout the years, David has become a very influential Beach Boy in Waikiki. In addition to his excellent surf instruction he has earned a ranking as a 1st Canoe Captain. This ranking is one that is handed down by the elder Beach Boys, once they are certain that the individual has the true wisdom of ocean knowledge, including it’s full capabilities. The state also requires a written test to upgrade his Beach Boy license to a Captain. Most importantly, the title is only give to those who can captain an outrigger canoe on the waves of Waikiki, trustworthy of a load full of tourists. David is also one of the only few Captains that owns their own boat that is allowed to sit on the beach of Waikiki.

Professional Affiliations

Currently, ASP, Association of Surfing Professionals, ranks David number 35 in North America. He has yet to tap into the international contests and hopes to improve his ranking with points earned throughout the tour. In his previous years, he has maintained a competitive edge, holding strong by winning and placing in various events in Hawaii and California.

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